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  • ООО "Центр доклинических исследований", РФ, Пенза, ул Центральная, 1В, ТВТ "Рамеев" корп. 8, 440068
  • prc-penza@yandex.ru
Центр доклинических исследоваНИЙ, г. Пенза

Preclinical research center, Penza, Russian Federation 

If you interesting on research or training on animals

Four simple steps, for to contact with us: 

1. Specify the project name and its purpose 

2. Briefly describe the study* 

3. Make a work plan indicating the approximate timing of its implementation 

4. Email us at prc-penza@yandex.ru and wait for feedback 


 * study or test on biological models should not contradict the norms of humane treatment of animals